Risin Sabotage

by Risin Sabotage

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FDJ Not sure where you would place this in terms of genre as it touches a few bases on its way through its seven tracks. Slightly gothic doom vocals weave in-between stoner fuzz riffs, bluesy solos and moments of psych madness.
Good album. Favorite track: So High.
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    The debut album of Ukrainian stoner rock band Risin Sabotage. Groovy sound of bass meets the guitars' roar on the crossroads of drums and high pitched vocals, immersing the listener into the atmosphere of psychedelic trip from the depth of doom, through the desert of classic stoner and straight to the fuzzy highness of skies, where all the abstractions become material with this music.

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released June 23, 2015

V. Panchishko - guitar
V. Skorzhenko - bass
I. Nediuzhyi - drums
K. Chepilko - vocals, percussion

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bogdan Kirichok, Kyiv, May - June 2015
Artwork by Natalya Tereschenko



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Risin Sabotage Kyiv, Ukraine

Risin Sabotage is an Ukranian psychedelic stoner rock band from Kyiv.

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Track Name: War
Wake up
Don't be a slave
Take the television off from your head

Children are playing the peace is in the blue sky
The generals fist send their souls in heaven
The bullets tears flesh . You hear the warcry
The never ending battle will kill forever

People are dying, bombings and beheadings
The politicians doing nothing but talking
They're hiding their faces under loud slogans
Under the black veil the death keep lurking
Track Name: Sabotage Rising
You see the lightning
Pulling in your head
All your thoughts are frightening
Man, it drives me mad
You can see that its the end
And this end its Me
You are dreaming of all those
Which should but could not be (yeah)

Now you're trying to escape
But you just can hide
From this little precious thing
Your so called life
So you tried to beat me
Want my flesh and soul to slay
So that was your last hit
Now its time for me to repay
Track Name: Green Goblin
The pale green skin
Big yellow eyes
With evil
That can hypnotise
His mind insane
You feel the same
His laughter occupies your brain

The sacred dimension
Was opened in mind
Releasing the danger
for all the man kind
Since time when you spoon fed
You're hiding your head
Green goblin is crawling
Under your bed

Now flying around with demons of yours
The leader for those black damned souls
He came from your nightmare but when you can't tell
Green goblin unchained you are under his spell
Track Name: Vultures
Verse 1
Bad cowboys are coming to town
Mad eagle is flying around
Looking for your blood and flesh
They are searching for some bouse and cash

Lock your children lock your wives
No mercy for your little lives
You better hide or you will die
They are on drugs they are so high

Verse 2
They'll make you cry they'll make you pray
One shot, MAN, just made your day
You're dead now you can't see or hear
Oh cowboy! The vultures are near.

Track Name: Quasar
This shiny dawning moonlight
It oozed the sky
There's so much more for me
Desires to satisfy
Your mind for me is opened
And clear so I can see
To penetrate inside
The cosmos of your dreams

One man comes to grief
Another one succeed
Infinity is balanced
Universe has way to live
The living creatures dying
But then they will reborn
Prettify the cosmic planets
We'll never be alone

Higher and higher
To the space that never ends
All colours are so bright
The constellations in my head
Come close to magic sun
To feel this sacred light
And roaming through the galactic
To find the sense of life
Track Name: So High
All I can hear is just a screaming from the sky
It's sneaking in my head
The words kinked backwards in conscious of mine
But I know what to do with that

All I can feel is just a shining from the star high
It sends the ray me
This string of light is thin
And hard to spot with naked eye
Illuminating all the scene
I cannot see but I can feel
That something is around
Its when the haze appears
It flushes your lungs and all you need is to breath out
The human mind now disappears

Phasing and staging and stimulating my head is pulsating
The glares and shades are spinning .
Body is shaking , awakening,
Figures are vague and vibrating
Oh god damn I'm so high
Track Name: Riders
It's close to the midnight
The sun goes down
Releasing a hell spawn

It's close to the midnight
The sun goes down
The horsemen on horizon

Their fire horses are as fast as a wind
You realized it's late to quit

The hooves are clanking with their horseshoes
They know you're hidden
They know you want to live

Punisher's are riding
Wheel of life it's spinning
Sinner you will scream
They're nightmare in your phosphene dream

All the righteous
went to heaven
Each one of the sinners
will disappear forever

No one will escape
from the hooves of fire
They will burn all your desire

When you'll be found
you won't have to fool around
there is no way it can be closer
soon it will be over